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Commissioned art and illustration projects


Hey! Are you interested in commissioned art from me? first of all, my honest thanks for your interest, I really appreciate you like my art and that you are interested in working with me.  Here you will find all the information you need to request your commissions for your awesome projects.

As I do work as an independent illustrator, I'm open to do professional commissioned art and illustration projects. I'm interested in projects related to fantasy illustration, concept art and imaginative realism for games, books, film and animation.

If you are interested in commissioned art, you can send me an email at with the details of your request. I mainly work digital paintings, in case of requesting a hand made painting or art print, the cost for the shipping and materials used to make the artwork will be estimated and charged separately from the project.


Some consideration when you request a commissioned artwork

Absolutely no fanart: Often the subject of fanart remains in a gray area when it comes to the copyrights of the characters or stories source of inspiration and an artist who in spite of creating an "original" interpretation, does not own the license or permissions to use them, especially for profit. Even when the interpretation of a character from an existing popular game, movie, comic and so, might be completely "different" it is still named and recognized as such character. Therefore without the proper license to do a project of something like it, I prefer to step out and do my own creative work.

Sharing and Posting: In case of you wanted to post and share the commissioned artwork on your social media accounts, I would ask you to please credit me as the artist or illustrator. As the creator of the commissioned artwork, I own moral rights for it and also it is important for me that my artwork is shared by clients as it promotes my work for new opportunities and clients. I'll certainly be proud of the work we can make together.

50% of the cost in advance: The 50% of the total cost will be charged in advance, the remaining 50% will be paid once the commissioned artwork is finished and approved, once the payment is completed, you will receive a link to download the hi-res artwork, or in case of an art print or handmade painting, you will receive an email with the information of the delivery.

A Clear description of the commissioned artwork: When you submit your request of commissioned art projects, please describe it as clear as you can. It always helps If you can provide reference images or photos  of what you want your illustration to be like. Of course it will be done all in my own style, as you have reach to me, it means you like what I do anyway.

I believe an open communication is key, so apart from my email I have Discord and Whatsapp if you want to keep communication through those apps.

Is it that serious to ask for commissioned art?

As I mention before, I believe in a good conversation. I've worked before with clients who take many of these "rules" for granted, and they are intended not just to secure my work but your investment. No fanart means I'm more interested in your stories, in what you want to say to the world, and I want to help you to illustrate it. If you want to share and post my artwork, it means that you love it and I'll be very happy about it, and I'm very sure that if you love my work you will credit me fairly without any problem. the 50% advance to me is an obligation, a person trust me and is my duty to commit to create great art for that person. A clear purpose of your commissioned art project will help me to understand it better and deliver it in the best posible way.

So, if you agree and still want to create an awesome art project, lets have a talk and do something great together!

You can send me an email to

I'm on twitter as @Albert_Cordero and in instagram as albertcorderoart and if you like my art and  you feel generous and might want to buymeacoffee, I'll truly appreciate it